Pros and Cons of Different Types of Loans

In this modern uncertain world, many people resort to borrowing to deal with tough financial times. No matter whether it is managing an unexpected financial emergency of smaller denomination or a demand for huge money to manage some major financial affairs, loans and borrowings could be handy to tackle such situations. Unluckily, many individuals are not familiar with various types of loans available to access in a given financial scenario. Such individuals always turn to banks and friends to manage their financial obligations depending upon the severity and requirement of the situation. However, getting familiar with various kinds of loans is beneficial so that you may access them in times of need as per your convenience. Some of the various types of loans and their uses are detailed below.

secured loans

These loans have been in existence since centuries. People borrow money against collateral and get their collateral back on repayment of the loan. Usually, the rate of interest is low since the loan is secured against some kind of security. Such a loan can be extremely handy to those who own some sort of assets and need money for managing a given financial situation warranting a huge sum such as buying a house.

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Unsecured loans

As the name indicates, these loans are not secured against any security. The lender lends money to the borrower after checking his credit history and financial standing. Even so, the rate of interest is comparatively higher than the rate of interest on a secured loan. The simple reason is lenders consider unsecured loans to be risky as their money is at big risk in case the borrower's financial standing dwindles considerably, thereby making him unable to repay the loan. This is why the interest rates are higher to recoup the risks associated with no collateral loans. Unsecured loans are handy for accomplishing financial obligations for medium-term such as installment payment of your car.

Payday loans

These days, payday loans are gaining huge popularity among people at large, especially working class folks. In this lending facility, the borrower has to follow simple rules to avail a loan instantly. Any adult individual who is gainfully employed can get a loan through this facility. The rates of interest are fairly higher than any other facility as these loans are unsecured and offered without checking the credit history of borrowers.

However, this loan facility is extremely handy to manage a financial situation that warrants immediate money such as unexpected hospitalisation of a family member or unexpected repairs. Although the interest rates are higher, you can grab a low-interest deal by shopping wisely. If you bag an affordable deal and repay the loan on time, you could resolve many of your short-term financial obligations through the payday facility.

Closing views

Thus, there are various types of loans including unsecured as well as secured loans. With the availability of such a big choice, you won't feel handicapped with respect to funds while managing a given financial obligation. However, you have to make sure that you choose the right lending facility to manage your situation. Just go through the types of financial facilities listed above, and keep them in your mind so that you could access them to manage your financial situations in times of need.